Pet Import by Air

Pet passport system & DEFRA approved carriers

We can collect your pets arriving at any approved point of entry, be it a port or an airport anywhere in the UK or Europe.

We offer a collection and deliver service for dogs, cats and small animals coming into the UK either under the pet passport system or as a DEFRA approved quarantine carriers also into quarantine if required with us directly or any other selected facility. We can transport your pet either directly to you or your customer or we can have them stay with us at our luxury pet hotel located in a beautiful rural area just outside Chesterfield in Derbyshire near the Peak District National Park.

Expert checks & advice

We are highly experienced in ensuring the paperwork and process to import your pet is correct and we can do this in advance of flights to ensure the process runs smoothly

UK pick up & delivery to and from airport

We have DEFRA licensed specially adapted UK & European Pet Transport vehicles. We can pick up or drop off your pet to or from the airport dealing with all the paperwork and process this entails.

IATA Approved Crate

It is important to ensure your pets safety and comfort that your pet travels in an IATA size and certified quality of carrier. You will also need to be compliant to the size and type for your chosen airline. We work closely with agents and airlines to provide and ensure this compliance.

Pre/post flight accommodation & vet care

We have a DEFRA approved vet regularly visit our luxury boarding site and if your pets need accommodation and any treatment pre flight or on arrival we can make arrangements for this for your pet.

“Please take a video tour of our pet transport facilities”

Maureen & Julie Adams

We’ll hold your hand (and paw) to ensure smooth and stress free travel.

We can take care of all the necessary dog and cat import procedures and licenses required, as well as liasing with your agent, airline and clearance companies. We hold your hand and your dog or cats paw through the whole process of pet import into the UK to ensure smooth and stress free travel.

Importing your pet into the UK is going to be an important time and you will want to work closely with someone who understands the process and can offer you all the services you require simply and effectively in one place. As a luxury pet hotel, pet transport, pet courier and quarantine and quarantine carrier as well as a specialist in pet import and export you will find us a great partner to help you and you pet through to residency in the UK.

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