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Ideas On Things You Could Do To Have More Fun With Your Dog!

August 2016

As the sun is shining I thought it would be fun to look at the sort of fun things you could think of doing with you dog outside of the normal walk and fetch games. Fly ball – If your dog love playing ball and is good and at bringing it back, Fly ball can be […]

Safety Around Water

July 2016

As summer approaches we all spend more time around water and our dogs likewise can love a swim and a paddle. This month then I thought I would talk about some of the safety items you should be thinking about with the safety of your dog in mind. The first thing to remember if this […]

Basic First Aid For Pets

July 2016

As the weather improves and we and our dogs are out and about the higher the likelihood of accidents increases that may require some basic first aid for your pet. Remember first aid is normally only an initial intervention until you get your pet to the vet. Your vet will have more medication, equipment and […]

Top Summer Canine Tips!

June 2016

Summer is here and so far we have actually had some nice weather. The sun is lovely but we need to remember our dog’s health in this weather as their bodies cope very differently with heat than ours. Walks If you’ve ever walked around a swimming pool while on holiday and felt the heat you […]

Pet Parasites The Truth About Risks & How To Prevent…

June 2016

Do you worm and flea treat your dog or cat regularly? If not, you could be leaving them and you at some quite serious risks. One pile of poo could contain literally millions of eggs and worms which can be passed to humans and replicate in your dog to cause fatal health conditions. Round worms […]

New Research In Dog Psychology

May 2016

There is lots of ongoing research into dog psychology and importantly how they relate to us as humans. Reading some of this recently it made me smile how much dogs are still learning at a pace to understand and work with us as humans. I thought this month I would share some of this with […]

New Microchipping Laws

May 2016

So we’ve all probably heard something about the new Microchipping laws that came into place on the 6th of April 2016. From experience of talking to owners however not everyone is clear on what these really mean and what they should be doing and so I thought it would be worth reiterating the requirements in […]

To Castrate Or Not To Castrate?

April 2016

So all being fair last month we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of spaying and so this month it seemed only fair we turned our attention to the male variety and castration. Advantages Like spaying there are a number of advantages to neutering. The first one is obviously that once castrated your dog won’t […]

To Spay Or Not To Spay?

March 2016

We often get asked when dogs come into us at Calagran Four Paws Hotel whether we recommend spaying and in general our answer is yes as it holds so many advantages for you and your dog. However, I thought this month it might be worth explaining the pros and cons of spaying. Advantages Like in […]

Caring For Your Dog In Winter…

February 2016

Well it appears winter is finally upon on us and as so many articles are written about dogs in hot cars in summer I thought it was worth writing one about some of the things to think about in winter as well. Cold – The first obvious peril of winter as for all of us is […]

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