Dangers In The Garden For Pets!

As summer ends and the autumn chill is in the air many of us are thinking about clearing out the garden from the summer, tidying and planting ready for spring. We may also be buying some house plants or flowers to cheer up the longer evenings. Do you know which plants to avoid for your canine or feline?

Plants and flowers can cause mild or severe poisoning in dogs and cats depending on the type and amount consumed. Symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors, abdominal pain, hyper salivation, fits and even coma and death.

Bulbs – One of the things to be aware of is bulbs, especially daffodil, tulip and hyacinth bulbs. Dogs like to use them as balls whether they’re playing while you plat or sometimes for dogs when they dig them up after they’ve seen you plant them. Best to be careful before you site them, don’t use areas your dog can dig unattended..

Aloe vera – Great for skin and burns but toxic to your dog and cats if eaten

Amaryllis – A lovely garden ornament but also at this time of the year being given as a potted bulb. The plant leaves are toxic but in particular the bulbs themselves contain a highly concentrated toxin.

Azalea/Rhododendron – Eating even a few leaves of one of these can cause severe problems for any animal included your beloved dog or cat.

Carnations – Not the most poisonous but so many of us have them in the house, worth mentioning it can cause dermatitis and upsets tummies

Chrysanthemum – Again not one that will cause death but if your dog or cats eats it can cause issues so best avoided.

Foxgloves – The other name for foxglove is digitalis which if anyone has a relative with a heart condition is a heart medication. The plant can cause heart issues from missed beats to full blown heart failure so one to be avoided

Lilies – One of the most toxic flowers to your pet which can cause severe kidney failure.

Mistletoe – Heading into festive season we may kiss under it and dress the house with it but never let the dog or cat eat it

Poinsettia – Not as bad as many think but can cause mild skin, mouth and stomach irritation

Rhubarb leaves – Rhubarb is great for crumble but the leaves are a big no no for your pet.

Tomato plants – Not seasonal but worth mentioning as while not lethal can cause serious upset stomachs and disorientation in pets.

So be careful what you let your furry friend chomp on in the garden or in the house and stay safe and well as we enter the last period of the year…..blimey where did that go?
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