Getting A New Puppy

puppySomething close to our hearts this month at Calagran Four Paws Hotel is the subject puppies because we bought home our new puppy this month. However, we see so many people who end up struggling or worse have to hand the dog into rescue because they chose their new family member in haste, overwhelmed by cuteness and repented at the proverbial leisure.

The first thing to think about is exactly what sort of dog would fit into you family both from a physical space perspective, exercise, grooming, time and temperament prospective. There are well over three hundred different breeds of dog plus the cross breeds and the fantastic mongrel. While every dog is individual you can get some idea of what you will be living the next 10-17yrs by looking at the breed, breed mix or dominant breed in the mix to get an idea of what they will need. It is also worth mentioning here that there are fundamental differences between what you will see advertised as a ‘working dog’ and a standard dog. If you select a working dog the energy levels will be much higher. Whatever you decide research at this stage will make for a much happier time you and the puppy for years to come. Be realistic about what you can commit to and think about the adult dog requirements and not just the puppy as on average a dog will only be in a puppy for 7% of its overall life with you.

The other thing to consider when deciding to have a puppy is the timing of when you bring the new family member home. Try not to do it at times of manic activity such as Christmas but at the same time make sure you have enough time to give them to help them settle in and start the all-important training as the early days will be key.

Now you can you can start looking for your new fur baby. This could be from a rescue or from a breeder. If you are looking at buying from a breeder or privately be careful to ensure what you are buying is a UK born puppy (look to see at least one parent and whether they are being sold with a pet passport) as otherwise you could be seeing us sooner than you might hope if they don’t meet the correct import criteria and they end up in quarantine.

Now you have decided that it is time for your new puppy, exactly what matches your lifestyle and you have found a good British litter. Now you need to be looking at checks on the final selection list like health of the puppy, are they outgoing, they move well and look active and energetic. It is always difficult not to let your heart rule your head looking at puppies but do try as this is a life long commitment and getting it right is as key for them as it is for you.

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