Home Grooming Tips Between Professional Grooms

Every dog needs grooming, some can be groomed from home but a lot of dogs need regular professional grooming. It is essential to know how to maintain your dogs coat in between grooms.

Your new puppy:
Your puppy can be groomed from 8 weeks. Just like toilet training & basic commands, training your dog to accept grooming as everyday life is vitally important. For short coats it gets them used to being bathed & brushed & for long coats it helps them to gain the patience they need to stand for long periods. The best way to do this is to place your puppy on a table like it would in the grooming salon & work on touching & brushing them all over, pay attention to feet – hold each paw & as soon as they settle give them praise or a little treat. With long coated breeds it is very important to “chin train” gently hold the fur under their chin & wait until they settle before you release & give them lots of praise & a little treat. It is important because when grooming sharp scissors will be very close to their eyes & if they aren’t used to the chin hold they will flinch & this can be very dangerous.

Brushing & bathing your dog:

There are many different brushes for all the different coat types. For short coats a Rubber Comb/Mitt(2) will pull all the dead hairs from the coat & help reduce shedding (these breeds only need brushing once a week & groomed every 8-12 weeks). For curly or long coats there are only 2 tools you really need, a Slicker Brush & a Metal Comb(1), the slicker will brush through the top coat but the comb will find any matts hidden close to the skin (curly coats need brushing every day while smooth coats need brushing every other day, both need grooming every 6-8 weeks maximum). You know your dog is matt free when you can comb through the coat with ease. Fore wire coats a Coat King(4) will help to strip the bulk of the wirey coat in between hand-stripping (brushed every other week & groomed every 6 months when stripping). For double coats a good Furminator(3) will help to de-shed & help malting (brushed weekly & groomed every 8-12 weeks).

dog grooming tools

Areas to focus on
We call these “Friction Areas” these include behind the ears, backs of knees, elbows base of the tail & belly, these areas matt very easily & need regular checking.

It is essential that there are no matts on your dog before bathing them as the water can actually tighten matts making them impossible to get out without clipping. Choose a good dog shampoo, humans & dogs have different pH levels so always go for a dog specific shampoo designed for your dogs skin & coat.

If you would like any other advice please contact our experienced groomer at Calagran Four Paws Hotel & Spa or come along and book a groom!

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