Itchy Flaky Skin?

I thought I would talk this month about something that I recently discovered and found really useful for my Doberman Leo. Leo is a six month old puppy and being mainly black the problem he had with itchy flaky skin was very obvious against his otherwise shiny black fur.

We tried everything including medicated shampoos, change in diet and endless baths but nothing improved things for the poor lad. Then a friend recommended raw virgin coconut oil to me. I was sceptical that when vet bought shampoo wasn’t doing the trick that something I could buy in a health food shop would be the answer. However, at this point I was willing to try anything and I actually ordered an 800g pot off amazon. The key thing to remember is that it must be raw and virgin type not processed.

You can feed the coconut oil to your dog or you can just rub it into the fur and skin directly or indeed both. It’s a great moisturiser (as you will feel from your hands afterwards if you rub into their fur) and is also a great natural remedy for skin infections. It has a natural disinfectant property for use on minor cuts and can generally improve your dog’s general skin and coat condition, making it healthier. It also helps to deodorize your dog’s skin and clear up some rashes as well. Best of all generally dogs love the taste as well.

Many vets and researchers today are recommending the regular use of coconut oil for dogs and many other pets as an excellent source of nutrients, which keeps your dog in good health.

The recommended dose is pretty easy; just give a teaspoon of coconut oil per 10 pounds of dog, or you can give a table spoon per 30 pounds. Start with about 1/4 the recommended dosage and build up to the recommended level over 3-4 weeks, as sometimes flu-like symptoms can appear if you hurried it right away.

The magic in coconut oil is apparently Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s).MCTs are efficiently metabolized by pets to provide an immediate source of fuel and energy, enhancing athletic performance and aiding weight loss. In dogs, the MCTs in coconut oil balance the thyroid, helping overweight dogs lose weight and helping sedentary dogs feel energetic.

There is a whole raft of science behind coconut oil but all I can tell you is two weeks on of feeding and rubbing coconut oil on Leo my Doberman and his skin and fur are looking great for the first time in months. Add to that I get a great hand moisturise as well I thought it was a discovery worth passing on.

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