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New Legal Powers To Think About As A Dog Owner

December 2015

It would be easy to write about Christmas this month. Tell you not to feed your dog chocolate or mince pies and keep them away from that toxic mistletoe and poinsettia. However, there will be many repeating this important but well-worn message. However, during late 2014 some new powers and laws applying to dogs and […]

Anxious Doggy?

November 2015

This season there are many things that can cause additional stress for our beloved furry family members. Fireworks, visitors, parties and even additional food and smells around. What should we look for and what can we do to help them. Things to look out for in an anxious dog are pacing, repetitive behaviour, barking or […]

Why You Should Worm Your Dog

September 2015

I hope everyone has had a great summer. It’s certainly been busy down here at Calagran Four Paws Hotel. We’ve opened two new a state of the art kennel blocks with everything including real flame effect fires ready for the cooler weather, a new grooming spa facility for residence and non-residence and the off leash […]

Getting A New Puppy

August 2015

Something close to our hearts this month at Calagran Four Paws Hotel is the subject puppies because we bought home our new puppy this month. However, we see so many people who end up struggling or worse have to hand the dog into rescue because they chose their new family member in haste, overwhelmed by […]

Older Dogs…

August 2015

It comes to us all, but sadly to our four pawed friends all too soon, old age. Dogs age at different rates depending on breed and genetics a bit like us. So there are no hard and fast rules on when your dog is old. However, below are some of the things you should keep […]

Home Grooming Tips Between Professional Grooms

July 2015

Every dog needs grooming, some can be groomed from home but a lot of dogs need regular professional grooming. It is essential to know how to maintain your dogs coat in between grooms. Your new puppy: Your puppy can be groomed from 8 weeks. Just like toilet training & basic commands, training your dog to […]

Responsible Dog Ownership

June 2015

This month’s editorial topic was requested by a member of the public who owns dogs and who was dismayed at how frequently he saw other owners not necessarily being as responsible as they should be. We all know being a pet owner is both a pleasure and an honour and I just wanted this month […]

Ten Amazing Facts About Dogs

March 2015

I thought this month we would do some good old amazing facts about your dogs that I have read over recent months. Dogs like to poo in magnetic alignment to the earth! – Not one I have tested yet but apparently dogs are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field and like to align themselves on […]

PETS Travel Scheme?

February 2015

As our thoughts turn to summer holidays and with PET passports now available you may be thinking of taking your pet with you. We retain the high standards required to maintain a separate section of our site as one of only six quarantines left in the country. As a result we often see pets when they go […]

Cat Behaviour

November 2014

Here at Calagran Four Paws Hotel we deal with giving cats as well as dogs a great holiday so thought it was about time this month we turned our attention to the feline furry friends in our life. How they behave and why? Why do Cats silent meow? – There are a number of theories on […]

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