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Dangers In The Garden For Pets!

October 2014

As summer ends and the autumn chill is in the air many of us are thinking about clearing out the garden from the summer, tidying and planting ready for spring. We may also be buying some house plants or flowers to cheer up the longer evenings. Do you know which plants to avoid for your […]

Top 5 Dog Myths Busted.

September 2014

After been asked to be a guest writer in this month’s Chesterfield 1st by our partner Calagran Four Paws Hotel kennels and cattery in Arkwright Town, I was very happy and then the thought of what to write about? As a full time dog trainer I thought I would address some of the myths I […]

What To Look For In Kennels And Cattery!

July 2014

Thankfully summer is definitely upon us and thoughts are turning to booking that summer break. Once we have booked our holiday we start looking for that all important place to care for our pet so they can have a holiday too. So what questions should you ask yourself when you look for your pets holiday […]

Itchy Flaky Skin?

June 2014

I thought I would talk this month about something that I recently discovered and found really useful for my Doberman Leo. Leo is a six month old puppy and being mainly black the problem he had with itchy flaky skin was very obvious against his otherwise shiny black fur. We tried everything including medicated shampoos, […]

Canine Separation Anxiety

May 2014

Does he soil the house or destroy things while you’re gone? Is he generally anxious when you’re getting ready to go out? It’s great you have a loving dog that is your constant companion but the reality is we can’t be with our furry friends all the time and that sometimes means that our dogs […]

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