PETS Travel Scheme?

As our thoughts turn to summer holidays and with PET passports now available you may be thinking of taking your pet with you. We retain the high standards required to maintain a separate section of our site as one of only six quarantines left in the country. As a result we often see pets when they go abroad and things go wrong on their return. This month we thought we would help explain the UK PETS Passport scheme.

Firstly you need to be aware that there are two types of requirement depending on what country the pet will be returning or coming from. These are called listed countries and unlisted countries. You can find out which these countries are via the website.

Listed country – You will need to have your pet micro chipped and to ensure either the chip number is written directly into the new passport (obtained through your vet) or that you maintain an official record of the date your pets microchip was inserted. This is important for the next part of the process which is to have you pet vaccinated against rabies which must be administered after your pet is three months old and at the same time or later than the microchip is inserted. Everything needs to be documented into your official pet passport and stamped and signed by your vet. You then must wait twenty one days before travel. Finally on every trip you take you must ensure that your pet is tick and tapeworm treated and the details of this are entered into your pet’s passport at least 24hrs before they leave but no more than 120hrs. You must remember this includes coming back into the UK as well as out of the UK

Unlisted country – Unlisted countries tend to be those that have a higher rabies risk and therefore requirements for travel are much greater. In addition to the above requirements a blood test must be carried out no earlier than thirty days post rabies vaccination and sent to an authorised APHA laboratory for results which must pass a level of greater than 0.5 titre level. There must then be a minimum three months post blood test before your pet can enter the UK. Microchip, passport document and tick and tapeworm requirements remain.

In general unless you are going away long term it is unusual to take an animal away on holiday to an unlisted country because of the cost and complexities of the process.
If any of the above requirements aren’t met you will find your pet placed in quarantine so to be safe it is worth double checking everything with your vet.
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