Responsible Dog Ownership

This month’s editorial topic was requested by a member of the public who owns dogs and who was dismayed at how frequently he saw other owners not necessarily being as responsible as they should be. We all know being a pet owner is both a pleasure and an honour and I just wanted this month to write something about the responsibilities that come with that we should all remember.

Control of your dog – I wrote an article in December’s issue on the new laws that affect dog ownership and I won’t repeat those facts again. However, controlling your dog whenever it comes into contact with other people or dogs is key from a health and care prospective of our dogs but also the fines and consequences now of not doing so can be significant.

Microchipping – Since 1993 it has been the law that any dog in a public place should have a collar and identity tag on. This will be extended next year to them legally being required to be microchipped. However, we would always advocate microchipping as it is such a cheap and sometimes even free process. Collars come off and tags get lost and frequently the microchip is all that stands between a happy return home and the pound.

Vaccinations – Ensuring your dog has at least an annual visit to the vets and standard vaccinations is really important to maintaining its health. It’s not that expensive but really can be the difference to your pets between life and death. Also important as we enter the summer season especially is to remember worming and flea control. Parasites are never nice but some can also be killers.

Fouling – This is the one that gives dog owners the worst reputation. Dog faeces are not pleasant to leave around but in parks especially they can also be a serious health risk to children and pregnant women. The fine for fouling is up to a £1,000 and is increasingly being enforced. However, as responsible owners we don’t need a fine to know that scooping when their pooping is the right thing to do. Also when we’ve scooped the additional blight these days is people leaving the plastics bags with the faeces as leaving the poop. So please scoop the poop and bin it or take it home!

Dog in cars – Lastly as we enter summer in particular which is always worth repeating is the dogs in cars message. In less than ten minutes in a car even with windows left a jar a dog can die an awful death. Put simply just do not leave dogs in a car!

Finally this month then to let you know that Calagran Four Paws Hotel now has a full grooming spa with a world class in-house groomer. If you want your dog grooming they don’t have to be guest to take advantage of the new hotel grooming spa facilities. Call us to book you furry friend in for just a bath or a full groom experience.

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