Ten Amazing Facts About Dogs

I thought this month we would do some good old amazing facts about your dogs that I have read over recent months.

  1. Dogs like to poo in magnetic alignment to the earth! – Not one I have tested yet but apparently dogs are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field and like to align themselves on the north south magnetic access. So if you dog circles before doing his business maybe he’s just aligning himself!
  2. Dogs have 18 muscles in each ear – Dogs have great hearing for their ears are important to them. The 18 muscles help them raise, tilt and rotate their ears to pick up sound. They can also move each ear completely independently of the other. All adding to their ability to hear over four times the distance of humans.
  3. Dogs can count & do simple maths – It has been proven that dogs can be taught how to count and indeed how to do simple mathematical calculations beyond one lead plus one coat equals a walk!
  4. Dogs can understand over 100 words – According to tests dogs have a language capacity of around a hundred words. This is equal to about the vocabulary of a 2-3yr old human. Although the intelligence of a dog can be influenced by the tendencies of the breed and in tests border collies always seem to have the highest marks.
  5. Dogs can lie – Again in a number of psychology and behaviour tests it has been proven that dogs do learn to lie and deceive. Again certain breeds seem to be better at it with Labradors apparently being the most elaborate deceivers.
  6. Dogs have unique finger prints – They are just not on their fingers they are on their noses!
  7. Dogs don’t only see black and white – They can also see on the yellow and blue scale. However, red and blue they will not be able to interpret in the same way as we do so if you are selecting toy yellow and blue are great colour to select!
  8. Dog are great for dating – According to trials a man is three times more likely to get a date with a girl if he has a dog!
  9. Dogs are great for your health – Just by stroking them you can lower your blood pressure by up to ten percent!
  10. Dog are proven to detect illness in humans – It has now been proved that dogs can literally smell cancer in humans much earlier than other tests can easily diagnose. They are also used to help epileptics detect when they might be about to have a seizure and by diabetics to smell when insulin levels drop.

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