Top Summer Canine Tips!

dog sunbathingSummer is here and so far we have actually had some nice weather. The sun is lovely but we need to remember our dog’s health in this weather as their bodies cope very differently with heat than ours.

If you’ve ever walked around a swimming pool while on holiday and felt the heat you will understand what we mean that this can be a problem for dogs in the summer. Pavements can get so hot that dogs can suffer bad burning to paws. You can buy boots to stop this but if you don’t fancy this fashion attire, walk your dog’s early or late to avoid injury. If you have a very energetic dog think about how much exercise you give them in the heat of the day.

People forget that dogs can get sunburnt as well. In particular light and white furred pets. This can result in dehydration and sun stroke but can like in humans also lead to skin cancers. Either help your dog with sensible exposure or talk to your vet about pet friendly sunscreen to reduce the risk.

Always make sure your dog has access to lots of clean water where ever they are as they dehydrate quickly in the hot weather. If your dog tends to knock bowls over think about a ceramic heavy bottomed bowl to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Keeping a dog well groomed and if it is a non-moulting breed or long haired breed having a trim will make them feel more comfortable and minimise issues with heat. You take your coat off so let them take theirs off too!

Don’t leave dogs in cars
Dogs don’t sweat and so they pant to lose heat through their tongues. If the surroundings are also hot this is not very efficient and their bodies very quickly start to heat up. Leaving a window open or a windshield on is just not enough and the horrific statistics show that a dog can die an awful death within ten minutes of being left in a car. Dogs dehydrate, their body temperature rises and their internal organs will literally begin to cook. Shortly after their temperature starts to rise they collapse, suffer a seizure and death ensues.

It is also worth remembering it doesn’t have to be a sunny day or your car in direct sunlight for this to happen. Cars are made of metal and glass which conduct and hold heat very well and dogs can still die in cars on hot but overcast days.

It is also worth remembering heat stroke for dogs can happen in caravans, conservatories and even their own back garden.

Consider not taking your dog with you and perhaps even using doggie day care. Calagran Four Paws Hotel in Arkwright Town offers doggie day-care and also grooming to help with those summer month challenges

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