What To Look For In Kennels And Cattery!

Thankfully summer is definitely upon us and thoughts are turning to booking that summer break. Once we have booked our holiday we start looking for that all important place to care for our pet so they can have a holiday too. So what questions should you ask yourself when you look for your pets holiday accommodation?

Licence displayed?
Kennels and catteries should display their licence to the public and it should be up to date to ensure they have been inspected and meet criteria.

Open, light and airy layout?
Dogs in particular will get more depressed if they can’t see people. Also if they get a noisy neighbour that bangs on a metal adjoining wall this can also be quite stressful for them.

How big is the sleeping space and the outdoor run?
Dogs and cats naturally prefer outdoor space in the day. The more space they have outside the more they are able to run around and have fun and feel comfortable.

Walk and playtime?
You should look for an establishment that offers either walks or even better an off leash play area which is better for tiring dogs out faster which helps them relax and sleep better when they are back in their rooms.

Dogs and cats go to the toilet during the day and any establishment will likely have some of this visible and this isn’t an indication of a problem. However, if cleaning is carried out daily and to a high standard there should be no reason a kennels or cattery should smell and this should be a good indicator of the care and attention your animal will receive
Appointment to view?

Kennels and catteries who want you to make an appointment to view may raise the question in your mind what are they hiding. It is reasonable that an establishment may not like viewings early in the day as this is the busiest time feeding and letting out the animals. Otherwise they should be happy for you to see them at any time.

Apart from all the practicalities there is no substitute for going with your heart when it comes to how you feel when you meet the staff at your furry friends prospective holiday home. Are they experienced or is there a lot of work experience youngsters and do you have a rapour with them and as importantly with your pet and those in their care.

As a boarding kennel owner all these positive criteria were what we sought for our pets and as an a kennels owner ensured Calagran Four Paws Hotel could tick before we started to offer our luxury kennel and cattery service. An open plan design, off leash play paddock and some the largest rooms and runs in the country we are proud for anyone to come test us on this check list and any other facility should be too.

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