Why You Should Worm Your Dog

I hope everyone has had a great summer. It’s certainly been busy down here at Calagran Four Paws Hotel. We’ve opened two new a state of the art kennel blocks with everything including real flame effect fires ready for the cooler weather, a new grooming spa facility for residence and non-residence and the off leash play paddocks are now all renewed and back in use after the completion of the new kennels build. We certainly look forward to showing you all round.

Anyway, back to the topic of worms. I could keep this article very short in answering why you should worm your dog by simply saying for their health and yours.
However, I will expand a little as while it is not the most glamorous topic it is one all dog owners should be aware of in their pets care.

The most common worms are round worm and tapeworm. Round worm will look like lengths of spaghetti while tapeworm have distinct flat sections that can be passed looking like grains of rice in your dog’s faeces. Both live inside your dog’s intestines and can affect its overall health. They can range in length from centimetres to metres long if left untreated with heavy infestations life threatening

Dogs will acquire worms by licking or eating items where other dogs have passed the eggs or via secondary hosts like ticks or fleas. Most dogs will acquire worms in their life unless regularly treated with fairly inexpensive tablets on the prescribed basis and regularly vaccinated.

In addition to regular vaccination and worming it is good practice to disinfect your animal’s food and water bowls regularly with animal friendly disinfectant and try to stop your dog scavenging when out in public.

Signs to look out for infestation with worms include:

  • Scooting their bottoms along the floor (although this can also signify anal gland issues)
  • Roundworms or tapeworm segments in faeces or vomit
  • lack of energy
  • Poor coat condition
  • weight loss and a swollen stomach
  • constipation or diarrhoea

Some worm types can spread to humans as well so it isn’t just your pet you will be protecting with regular treatment.

Heavy infestation and infestation by other worm types like Hookworm, whipworm, Heartworm and lungworm can also prove fatal to our pets so for everyone’s sake please worm and vaccinate your pets regularly. Standard vaccinations are annual but how often to worm your dog will depend on whether you pet is a puppy or kitten or an adult and the frequency recommended by the manufacturer of the treatment you will be using. Ask your vet if you aren’t sure.

So, as summer draws and leaves begin to turn ensure both you and your fury friends stay health out there and if your dog fancies a spa groom treatment as you think about Christmas shopping you can always pop them in day board with us for a frolic in the off leash paddock and a groom and pamper in the spa.

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