Pet Hotel - What to Expect Langley Mill

Accurate Records of you and your pets needs

Here at Chesterfield luxury 5 star Boarding Kennels we act responsibly and keep electronic and printed records of your pets details, their food, any medication and preferences you would like us to be aware of during their stay with us. We also keep contact details of their usual vet, you, and anyone you want us to contact in the unlikely event we need to while your pet is in our care. This accurate system ensures we care for your pet exactly as you want and they need.

Great health care

We have a very experienced luxury Chesterfield Boarding Kennels and Quarantine vet on call 24hrs a day and your pets health always remains our paramount concern. We pay attention to both your pets behaviourial as well as physical health and react swiftly to any change in either. We are also personally Pet First Aider qualified.

Lots of love & cuddles

Our life long dream was to own a pet hotel, which has been realised with our Chesterfield luxury boarding kennels for dogs. We genuinely love animals and providing time and cuddles to all animals in our care for however long or short their stay is very important to us and of course to them. However busy we are, we ensure we take time out to provide them with the love they need to settle in and feel confident and comfortable in their new surroundings.

Regular walks and fun

All dogs staying at the hotel in Chesterfield kennels will receive at least one walk a day in the grounds of the kennels under supervision from us or one of our experienced kennel staff and some time in our off leash paddock play area where dogs can be let off and can run and play. In addition, because of the large size of the runs in our kennels we also play with animals throughout the day keeping them happy and stimulated. This does not apply to animals in the quarantine area.

Good food and healthy treats

We keep many of the standard foods in the Chesterfield kennels in stock, so that your dog can eat exactly what they are used to at home. If you prefer to bring your own food or treats you are very welcome. We like to give pets a goodnight treat so if you have something you know they enjoy this would be a great thing to pack for them.

Optional pet taxi service

We offer a pet transport service so we can safely collect your pets from anywhere locally or nationally by arrangement. For details of our service and prices please see our pet taxi service area of our website here

Optional departure bath

If you would like your dog to have a bath of the day of their departure for a small extra fee starting at £15 we will give them a wash and dry so they are all ready for your return. We will even give them a squirt of K9 cologne. Ask at check in for how much your doggies bath would be.

Please call us on 01773 438068, or complete the form