Pet Microchipping Langley Mill

Since April 2016, dogs must be microchipped by law

Both owners Julie & Maureen are fully certified dog, cat and small mammal microchip implanters. Since the change in law in April 2016 we became implanters to help all our customers if they require their pet to be microchipped to abide by the law but to also ensure if they ever get lost they can be quickly be reunited.

We offer microchipping both onsite & mobile if required or preferred and our service includes your first registration online of all chips.

“Please watch the short video about our microchipping service”

Maureen & Julie Adams


The cost for microchipping at our site is £12 for the first animal and £10.00 for each animal afterwards.
A special price for animals that are microchipped while in boarding with us is available at £10 per pet.

Mobile Service

Microchipping in your own home will depend upon your location so please call for a quote for this service.

Please call us on 01773 438068, or complete the form