pet Transport to & from Europe

We are fully qualified and loving pet drivers who provide door-to-door pet transport to & from Europe, and right across the UK & Western Europe

If you are moving house for instance you may like us to pick up your pet, board them in our luxury boarding facilities and then deliver them safely to your new home when everything is in place and settled. Avoiding that scary task of ensuring pets don’t escape or become agitated and afraid of the experience.

We can transport your pet by road in a specially adapted vehicle for pets, such as dogs, cats and other small animals. Our pet transport vehicle fleet ranges from high-topped luxury pickups, through to full-sized long wheel-base vans, to ensure total safety and comfort door to door. All of our vehicles are DEFRA type 2 licensed, air conditioned, heated and adapted for safe transport, to ensure your pet has a stress-free, enjoyable and relaxing journey.

We’ll never leave your pet alone during the journey (including channel crossings if applicable), we stop regularly to check on your pet and dogs will be walked at least every three hours. Safety and comfort are our primary concern to ensure your pet arrives at their destination relaxed and happy.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Us To Transport your pet to & from Europe

Our vehicles are:

  • All under 3 years old
  • Reliable, luxury Mercedes and serviced at regular intervals
  • DEFRA Type 2 licenced by an independent risk management company
  • Specially adapted to make pets comfortable
  • Equipped with driver sleeping accommodation for long trips to & from Europe
  • Equipped to carry owners along with their pet
  • Perfectly suited to the job they are doing

Our drivers:

  • Are importantly all pet lovers
  • Are mostly ex-police dog handlers
  • Are all pet first aid trained
  • Will stay with pets at all times in transport to & from Europe
  • Exercise dogs on the journey regularly

What makes us different?

  • We can offer luxury boarding for pets pre-arrival and departure in-house
  • We run a Mercedes fleet of vehicles under 3yrs old licensed to DEFRA Type 2 standards
  • All vehicles have air conditioning and heating
  • All our drivers are ex police dog handlers and pet first aid trained
  • We never leave pets alone in the vehicle
  • Regular stops for walks, checks, food & cuddles
  • We can check paperwork pre-travel to ensure smooth journey to & from Europe
  • We offer first class pet travel with love & hugs en-suite!

What to watch out for

  • Unlicensed companies running old vehicles which could endanger your pet
  • Companies running very old and unreliable vehicles that are liable breakdown en route
  • Companies running non air conditioned or heated vehicles
  • Companies transporting goods in the same vehicle as your pet
  • Companies using wire cages to transport, not IATA approved travel crates
  • Companies with inexperienced drivers with little interest in pet welfare
  • Companies who transport so many dogs at once that care is seriously compromised
  • pets can, and do, die in the hands of the wrong pet transporter!

We offer a door-to-door pick up and drop off service across many European countries; including Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Holland (Netherlands), Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Further destinations can be considered and costed on a case-by-case basis.

Our Pet Transport Facilities

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