Ideas On Things You Could Do To Have More Fun With Your Dog!

flyballAs the sun is shining I thought it would be fun to look at the sort of fun things you could think of doing with you dog outside of the normal walk and fetch games.

Fly ball – If your dog love playing ball and is good and at bringing it back, Fly ball can be a great social team event for you and your dog. Your dog and you work as a team to run over small jumps to retrieve a ball and come back to let the next team member go. Sort of like a big doggy relay. There are many groups in the area.

Agility – You would be surprised what breeds love doing agility. It isn’t all about collies and shepherd dogs, there is some great agility fun with everything from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane. Again groups can be very social event for humans as well as great fun for dogs and humans working together to build a working bond and have great fun.

Obedience training – A little more sedate than the two above but can be just as social and fun. At the end of it hopefully you also get the benefit of a better behaved dog as well.

Scent training – Train your dog to find things by sniffing them out can be great fun indoors or outdoors. Start with food and work your way up to other items and further away. It can be really rewarding how far they can get with this training quite quickly.

Frisbee – Fancy doing something more one to one with your dog? Frisbee if your dog like catching things can be a great way to exercise them and just that bit more fun that throwing a ball and if you both get good there are competitions out there too.

Becoming a PAT dog (Pets as Therapy) – If your dog is calm and good with people you could consider contacting the PAT dog organisation and volunteering you and your dog or dogs. If your dog was eligible you could share the joy of owning a dog by visiting a whole variety of people who need a little doggy joy bringing to their day. Be that in a hospice or a children’s home or even an elderly care home. It can mean so much to people to get a regular canine visitor and can be so rewarding for owners and dogs alike.

Country walks, beach runs & Drinks afterwards – Instead of assuming your dog can’t go to the country park or beach have a look online and find the pet friendly ones and go there instead. As a joint reward afterwards when you’ve finished walking have a look for that dog friendly pubs online too and kick back and enjoy some quality time together.

If it helps we have an off leash play paddock for hire at C Four Paws with paddling pool for hire too!

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